Webtoon Review #1

Hey guys,

I just finished reading this webtoon called “11:59”. Its genre is BL (Boys Love), Supernatural and Romance. It’s just 4 chapters long with intriguing plot.

Every night after clock strikes 11:59, instead of change in date, the previous day repeats as if stuck in an endless time loop. Upon realizing this Mokhwa tries to reason out with the situation, but coincidentally he finds someone who might be aware of this phenomenon too. How will they approach this weird problem?

Mokhwa becomes aware that he is stuck in this never ending time loop on the day before Christmas. Every morning he wakes up to repeat the same thing he did yesterday but the catch is that for him it’s yesterday but for others it’s still today. But amongst the repetitive moments he finds out that there is someone else who also has realized about this phenomenon. And that person is none other than his childhood friend Choi Gyun. But the issue is that it’s been quite a few years since they have stopped hanging out. Mokhwa tried his best to get Choi Gyun to listen to him. The chance finally falls in Mokhwa’s lap only to discover the real reason behind their estranged friendship. But the issue at hand is to break the loop and bring Christmas, how will they do it?

I will give it 4.5 stars out of 5. The plot kept me on my toes, loved the artwork and a very cute ending set my heart on fire. If you are interested in reading BL manga/manhwa/webtoon and would like me to put the summary and plot here…Do let me know. Alright then…

Peace out.

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