Webtoon Review #2

Webtoon– This Ending
Author– Gwa-in
Chapters– 18
Status– Ongoing
Rating– 4.5 out of 5 stars

*Gathers herself up from the puddle of emotions after sobbing and cheering at the same time*


Just finished reading the latest chapter of this beautiful webtoon called ‘This Ending’ by author Gwa-in. Got so vested in it that I could not stop myself from sharing this beautiful piece of artwork with y’all. Till now 18 chapters have been uploaded and is an absolute delight to read. Although there are high chances for you to turn into this emotional cloud who might tear up here and there.

The story revolves around the protagonist Lee Jinwoo who has recently broken up with his boyfriend of 10 years, Kang Suhyeok. But one day randomly Jinwoo gets a mysterious phone call from his now ex-boyfriend only to realize that he is 10 years younger upon meeting!

Plot [Spoiler]-
Jinwoo, tired from his monotonous life and no zest left in his relationship decides to break up. But to his dismay he did not receive any reply from his now ex Suhyeok, untill one day where an unknown caller turns out to be Kang Suhyeok but in school uniform! What he thought as a passing joke turned out to be true and this Suhyeok suddenly ended up coming 10 years into the future. While trying to reason out with the situation he decides to tell him about their break up in future. But this sudden confession smacks Jinwoo across the face with another surprise when Suhyeok from 5 years ago replaces the one from 10 years ago. Amongst all this supernatural activity people notify him that they cannot reach Suhyeok from current timeline. All emotions and flash back of all the times Jinwoo had hurt his lover resurfaces and so does the current Suhyeok. They confront each other and left us poor viewers who were rooting for them with happy ending. [The author is godsend because they answered my prayers…you will know about it after 17th chapter]

As much as I like graphic yaoi/bl comics, nothing beats a good slice of life manga or webtoon with the author’s personal twist. The story definitely makes you grab onto your feelings and the anxiousness to know more is always a good sign for any book or comic. I personally loved the twist of time travel just so the main character realizes his grave mistake. That was my review on this webtoon, will be back with some more! Till then…

Peace out.

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