Post #3 [Korean Drama]

Hello Beautiful People,

As a huge Korean drama fan there is one thing that I have realized is that Korean entertainment industry promotes the set beauty norms, which in return creates a social pressure to conform to it. For example, a beautiful Women should be fair, thin waist, big eyes, cute etc etc. Similarly for Men, they should be tall, broad shoulders and should be rich, Problem solved!

This is where my annoyance starts. A women is defined from head to toe, but a men just needs to be either rich or good hearted, women will fall for them. In major romance dramas, it’s ok for a guy to be a douchebag but a women should always be patient enough till the guy finally realizes that he is in love with her…HALLELUJAH…HAPPY ENDING EVERYBODY! Oh wait, there must be a female villain lurking somewhere to foil this plan because all men only need money and a good natured woman. I mean smart women who stands up to her own needs are a big no-no.

And don’t get me started on female antagonists. There are barely a handful of dramas where these antagoinsts’ have a well defined character sketch. Otherwise in every predictable romance series’ female villains are born to steal men from their fated ones. UGH!

Other issue I would like to address is body image. I would like to give every Korean drama script writer a standing ovation on successfully making us fat people ashamed of our existence in general. Just a few days ago I came across a video from Korean drama, it shows a chubby girl walking down the alley to avoid stares, crying while a series of flashbacks run through her head where she is demeaned and fat-shamed by everyone. From her boss to friend to shop attendant. But magically she finds a coffee shop with quirky barista. Surprise, Surprise! The coffee turned out to be magical and upon exiting the shop she transforms into this zero figure model with huge eyes and cute face. Here is the genius solution guys! Because no one will accept you for who you are, find a miracle and change yourself… that’s when everybody will love you!
The truth is that it’s not just Korean industry, but every entertainment industry around the world conforms to the same beauty norms and it’s toxic.


I am tired of seeing such stupidity recycled into different ways and shown what sort of men or women are accepted by the society. This creates a negative impact on teenagers who will do anything for validation. And god forbid they grow up like me with dire self esteem issues. If you have seen such bullc**p and are thinking about changing yourself… DON’T!

If you really want to change something than change your attitude towards yourself. Love yourself a little more. Stop replaying the same negative comments in your head. Work towards your goal, in changing your life. If you keep thinking about what others think, you will be stuck in the same place forever and your life will become stagnant. Build your personality like honey which will end up attracting all sorts of insects. Be who you want to be! That’s my piece of advice to all you awesome people out there…

Peace out.

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