Post #5 [Abortion]


Today I would like to shed discuss one of the burning topic “Legalization of Abortion”. I will not list as to how many countries legalized it or not, neither will I try to preach people about why it should be. In this article I will just lay down some points from the point of view of a women and hoping y’all can understand our side of the scenario.

First of all, What is Abortion?
Abortion is a process of ending the pregnancy by removing the embryo before it can survive out of uterus.[Wikipedia]

The people are divided on many factors. They are- religion, sanctity, chastity and the classic ‘how can you kill an unborn child’! How do you explain to the people that the embryo which is removed is literally like a seed, it’s barely developed to even look like a child or even survive. That’s why abortion is to be done in only in first three trimester. Although according to Medical communities Third Trimester is the stage where the embryo can survive outside the uterus and is illegal, this is the root of all the current discussions that is going around in the world today. The abortion can be done in 1st trimester and 2nd trimester with various methods. You can visit the site for detailed information.( Abortion Methods and information.)

Some of the reasons of why I believe the law should be legalized are –

1. The women should have the full right to decide because it’s her body and future.
2. There are high chances for this unplanned pregnancy to be seen as abomination by the society causing the women to have the negative impact on her psyche which will indirectly influence the unborn child.
3. If the woman has become pregnant due to the sexual crimes, her body will start rejecting the baby before it even sees the world. Believe it or not, the baby will start listening to its mother and surroundings from the womb. That’s why if there is even an ounce of rejection or bad energy, the child suffers.
4. If the mother is not ready mentally or physically or both, the child won’t be able to cope up.
5. Sometimes contraception fails, and it again results in unplanned pregnancy.
6. The mother may not want an extra child due to financial reasons or others.

These are some of the reasons I could think of. I am not an expert in subject but I did think of it in the light of my future as in what if I am in such situation and what would be the circumstances and what would be the various reasons that would cross my mind. I know its not a full proof way to think, but why not! I don’t believe I provided any reason that would be biased. But if you guys think that I might have steered away from the seriousness of the topic then I am genuinely sorry and would totally welcome comments or constructive criticisms as such. This is my view on the Legalization of abortion, till then…

Peace Out.

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