Post #6 [Stares]


Today I went shopping with my family. And although we were just supposed to go and window shop for a bit and then grab dinner, I wore simple black on black clothes with full face makeup. Now I love makeup and since I have learnt a few techniques, it’s been an awesome journey from looking like a Salvador Dali’s painting to pose like any beauty guru making sure that my highlighter is popping.

But the issue I wanted to talk about is that even despite choosing to look like however I want, the amount of top-to-bottom stares I get from people is beyond annoying. As if I have mismatched with the way I look to the way the world wants to see me. If I choose to dress like a hippie with full face makeup on, IT’S MY CHOICE! The sheer around of control you need to have so as to not snap back at each and every passing highly judgmental human.

But I have noticed one thing about myself, it’s that I need to develop my confidence and personality in a way that people won’t look down at me as easily as they do today. I hope to become a little bit stronger tomorrow. I hope to build enough confidence that people will stop undermining my choices. I want to become stronger to stand in the crowd and won’t get hurt or influenced by people who just cannot accept my genuity. So this was my rant of the day, see you soon…

Peace out.

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