Post #7 [A Mental Journey]

Somehow my feet took me on a journey.

While my brain was busy reliving the moments, some beautiful, some horrendous and some worth visiting again. The fogginess cleared up to reveal the scenery in front of me. Here I stood on the edge of the cliff, the surrounding beauty, magnificent. The trees looked like moss, stubbornly clinging onto the mountains. The clouds caressing those tree tops like an airy veil. These mountains cradle a feisty river in its midst. She twists and turns however she wants and these mighty summits have no choice but to obey her flow. She might look like a enchanting serpent calmly slithering away but the looks are definitely deceiving. I know that the closer I will get the more turbulent she becomes. Her bewitching beauty is an absolute necessity but once you get engulfed by her, only the last bubbles escape.  

Such is my predicament. While my senses are having the gala with the nature in its lap, breathing in the nectar of life but my heart has become this thorny pit full of thorns and rotting memories and emotions. This living heart harbors the graveyard of every feeling which died, every moment which was discarded and every smile that disappeared. The will to escape is slowly diminishing as the weakened faith still manages to hug my heart hoping to warm it up again, but…

I have no idea how to live. As I stand here on the edge of the cliff.

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