K-Drama Review #1 (Hot Stove League)

Drama: Hot Stove League Episodes: 16 Cast: Namkoong Min, Park Eun-bin, Oh Jung-se, Jo Byung-gyu Summary: The drama revolves around a Baseball team namely ‘Dreams’ which has been ranking the last for quite a few years. The laid back athletes and staff experience the stirrup in their normal routine of getting cussed by the fans... Continue Reading →

Post #7 [A Mental Journey]

Somehow my feet took me on a journey. While my brain was busy reliving the moments, some beautiful, some horrendous and some worth visiting again. The fogginess cleared up to reveal the scenery in front of me. Here I stood on the edge of the cliff, the surrounding beauty, magnificent. The trees looked like moss,... Continue Reading →

How to Write a Great Blog Post: A Beginner’s Guide

The Art of Blogging

There are more blogs in existence than ever, yet more and more people are seduced by the idea of sharing their thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world.

As a matter of fact, it does seem as if there’s a war out there. Everyone is fighting for attention, there are so many things to learn and master. So many social networks, marketing techniques. There’s even an awful lot of content on blogging itself, which makes it even more frustrating.

How do you write a great blog post?

I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t know the answer. Or would I …

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Post #6 [Stares]

Hello, Today I went shopping with my family. And although we were just supposed to go and window shop for a bit and then grab dinner, I wore simple black on black clothes with full face makeup. Now I love makeup and since I have learnt a few techniques, it’s been an awesome journey from... Continue Reading →

Post #5 [Abortion]

Hey, Today I would like to shed discuss one of the burning topic “Legalization of Abortion”. I will not list as to how many countries legalized it or not, neither will I try to preach people about why it should be. In this article I will just lay down some points from the point of... Continue Reading →

Post #4 [Identity]

Hello, I was just reading this webtoon called “Man Drowning in a Veil” created by Suto. This is not a review, I just want to discuss what went through my head while reading. The story starts with this boy probably in elementary school finds a Veil somewhere. He puts it on and instantly falls in... Continue Reading →

Post #3 [Korean Drama]

Hello Beautiful People, As a huge Korean drama fan there is one thing that I have realized is that Korean entertainment industry promotes the set beauty norms, which in return creates a social pressure to conform to it. For example, a beautiful Women should be fair, thin waist, big eyes, cute etc etc. Similarly for... Continue Reading →

Webtoon Review #2

The story revolves around the protagonist Lee Jinwoo who has recently broken up with his boyfriend of 10 years, Kang Suhyeok. But one day randomly Jinwoo gets a mysterious phone call from his...

Post #2 [Dreams]

Hello, Today I woke up with a weird sense of feeling which felt like the remnants from my dream. There have been many a time where I wake up with the emotions I usually did not sleep with, and the annoying fact is that the dream in which you were the protagonist seems to diffuse in... Continue Reading →

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